Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ex Crux Spes is coming!

Launch Date: May 16, 2011

Ex Crux Spes means "from the Cross, Hope". As a Brother of the Congregation of Holy Cross, I believe that Jesus calls us to follow Him and transforms us through our suffering and weakness. In short, God wants to be God for us.

In this blog, I will hope to engage all people in an exploration of the rich heritage of Holy Cross spirituality, sharing the vision of our founder Bl. Fr. Basil Moreau.

Each week, we shall look at the following themes:
  • Moreau Mondays: All things Holy Cross
  • Too Cool Tuesdays: Great Catholic resources, books, blogs & more
  • What's Your Question Wednesdays: Q&A!
  • Theology Thursday: Catholic theology & our discipleship
  • Follow Me Fridays: Profiles of Catholic Religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters
  • Spirituality Saturdays: Reflections on prayer and Christian living
  • Word and Sacrament Sundays: Holy Cross perspective on the Scripture & the Sacraments
See everyone May 16th!